Dual training

DUAL TRAINING is the “Education or training combining periods in an educational institution or training centre and in the workplace. The alternating system can take place on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Depending on the country and applicable status, participants may be contractually linked to the employer and/or receive a remuneration.” (CEDEFOP, 2008)

The advantages of Dual Education are undeniable and many countries throughout Europe and around the world are looking increasingly for concepts of Dual Education. However, the context and experiences are different in every Member State.


The answer lies in cultural aspects, but also in the very structure of local business sector, composed in many Countries (like Spain, Bulgaria and Lithuania) by micro-companies (less than 10 employees) or small business (fewer than 50 employees). Given their limited structure, it is not easy for these companies to accommodate Dual Training students, providing them with facilities, tutors, etc.

ALIANZA is aimed at offering a solution to SMEs difficulties through an online interactive tool, which will facilitate the matching process between SMEs with similar needs and VET centres, in order to create alliances for the promotion of Dual Training opportunities.

ALIANZA is a Strategic Partnership project, financed by the European Commission in the framework of the ERASMUS + Programme.  Project reference number: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016193